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OxGrow is a community organic gardening project located off Abingdon Road on the site of Corpus Christi

College’s old sports grounds, just 15 minutes’ walk from the city centre.  The site is relatively modest in size (approximately 40m by 40m) with typically around 20 volunteers attending weekly sessions on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.

OxGrow’s objectives are:

  • to be an fun and rewarding community resource for Oxford;
  • to promote low impact, healthy and sustainable ways of gardening;
  • to share skills and knowledge;
  • to grow fruit and vegetables - following organic principles - that can be shared amongst volunteers and the wider community.

OxGrow is looking to appoint a part-time Garden Co-ordinator for 2015 to work alongside its volunteers to teach skills and share knowledge in organic gardening, and help establish and maintain a garden-wide plan.

The project is driven very much by the ideas and plans of the volunteers, with governance and oversight provided by a small committee of three (Chair, Secretary, & Treasurer).

Key information:

  • Position for Community Garden Co-ordinator
  • Apr to Dec 2015
  • Part time, self employed
  • Accumulative 360 hrs over 9 month period, averaging at 40hrs per month.
  • Price £11.35/hr
  • Total package £4,086
  • Core times 1pm to 4pm every Sunday, and 5pm to 8pm Wednesday April – Sept to coincide with volunteer sessions;
  • Held accountable by OxGrow’s Officers

Employment terms:

Beginning April 2015, we seek to appoint a part-time, self-employed Community Garden Co-ordinator.

While the appointed candidate will have flexibility in determining his or her weekly commitment to the project (as the workload will shift in response to various seasonal changes), we expect the individual to log roughly 50 hours per month in the more active spring and summer months and approximately 30 hours per month in the less active autumn and winter months (up to a total of 360 hours by 31/12/2015)

When delivering these services, the successful applicant will be treated as self-employed and will therefore take on responsibility for paying Income Tax and National Insurance contributions.  OxGrow will make no deductions for these liabilities.

Key responsibilities:

The Garden Co-ordinator’s role will not only be to advise on organic gardening, but to also assist and guide volunteering in helping them see their vision of the garden realised.

The  key responsibilities of the Garden Co-ordinator would be to:

  • oversee and be responsible for establishing and maintaining—in full consultation with OxGrow’s volunteers— a garden-wide plan and associated records;
  • advise volunteers on the principles of organic gardening, and offer guidance on successfully growing vegetables and fruit;
  • compile gardening activity lists for volunteers; and
  • produce a weekly electronic newsletter;

The role of Garden Co-ordinator will play a pivotal role in how OxGrow’s garden develops and grows, and it a wonderful opportunity for the right person to make a real impact.

Essential skills:

The successful candidate will:

  • be self-motivated  (essential);
  • be an effective communicator (essential);
  • comfortable working with community groups (essential);
  • be a competent and knowledgeable gardener (essential);
  • be familiar with the principals of organic gardening and permaculture (essential);
  • possess social media skills (preferable)

How to apply:

Applications (consisting of a short covering letter & CV) should be submitted either via email to  or by post to 86 Howard St Oxford OX4 3BE.  Closing date is Wednesday 8th April.   Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview on 12th April 2015, and the successful candidate will ideally be able to start on Sunday 19th April 2015.