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Tackling fuel poverty - Energy saving advice for Oxfordshire

fireplaceIn close collaboration with Oxford City Council and the Affordable Warmth Network, in this article we have condensed below the available advice and support about affordable warmth and fuel poverty for residents of Oxford and Oxfordshire to keep warm over winter.

Fuel poverty is when a household cannot afford to keep adequately warm at reasonable cost, given their income. It is an incredibly serious issue which can contribute to ill health and death and can be caused by poor energy efficiency, high fuel prices and/or low incomes.

As CAGs are trusted local sources, they are very well placed to communicate information to their communities about available advice and support on fuel poverty.  If this is something you would be interested in doing then here are some simple ideas for how to spread the message: 

  •  Low time commitment – forward this email to your lists, encouraging residents to tell their neighbours about fuel poverty and the support available. Ask others to help identify/engage people who may be in fuel poverty.
  • Medium time commitment –work together with other local community groups or  organisations, especially those involving older and more vulnerable people, to spread the message through existing networks or channels – e.g. church halls, community centres, health centres and community prescription delivery services. 
  • High time commitment – identify and visiting local elderly, vulnerable or low income people in their homes and linking them to existing services. If you are interested in doing this then get in touch with me and I can share information about how other communities have gone about this.

You could also obtain training from the Oxon Affordable Warmth network. (See information below).

1)      Information about simple low or no cost energy saving measures

There is some information about simple low or not cost energy saving measures that anyone can take in their homes outlined in the attached document ‘Low and no cost energy saving measures’.

2)     Advice and support provided by Oxfordshire Affordable Warmth Network

The Oxfordshire Affordable Warmth Network is a longstanding service working to reduce the number of people in fuel poverty and so improve health and well-being. This service is available to everyone in Oxfordshire.  We have summarised the information below.

The Oxfordshire Affordable Warmth Network works to reduce the number of people in fuel poverty, and so improving health & wellbeing. There are no eligibility criteria for residents being able to access this service. The three primary elements to delivery of this service are outlined below:

The Affordable Warmth Helpline 0800 107 0044, able to give impartial expert advice on issues including reducing energy bills, increasing energy efficiency of properties, switching energy supplier and how to stay warm over winter. For residents identified as needing insulation or heating measures we may suggest a referral for a free home energy survey to identify energy efficient improvements to your home and access funding. The assessment will be conducted by DaleHoyland of the National Energy Foundation or someone from the Energy Saving Cooperative.  Financial assistance may come from ECO grants, energy supplier trust funds, benevolent trust, flexible home improvement loans and fuel poverty grants held on behalf of local authorities in Oxfordshire.

  • Outreach -  Members of the Affordable Warmth Network are available to deliver talks about how to keep warm and well to all kinds of groups and events.
  • Training -   the network also provides training to front line local authority and staff, community groups and volunteers about the importance of affordable warmth, the dangers of fuel poverty and of living in the cold home, including the signs to look out for, and the help available to alleviate the underlying problems. All outreach and training sessions are free of charge. The network also produces a range of literature, including a 28 page ‘Easy Save’ booklet packed full of tips to keep in control of energy bills, thermometer cards, posters and flyers.

For more information on the Oxfordshire Affordable Warmth Network please contact Dale Hoyland, Affordable Warmth Projects Manager, 01908 256926, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3)      Advice and support on Oxford City Council web site

Oxford city council web site provides a wealth of information a signposting service about available, advice and funding about affordable warmth for: (a) general members of the public;  (b)  older people, people on low incomes and/or benefit recipients; and (c) private rented tenants. See

For Oxfordshire’s other District Councils, visit the websites below:

If you have any questions contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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