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New food waste and food poverty initiative kicks off in Oxford!

Feeding the Gaps is a community led initiative bringing together people in Oxford working to tackle Food Poverty and Food Waste.


We’re hearing a lot in the media about people living in Food Poverty. What does this mean exactly? People living in food poverty either don’t have enough food to eat, don’t have access to the right kinds of food to eat a balanced diet, don’t have the skills needed to cook healthy meals, or can’t afford the fuel needed to cook. Food poverty is alarmingly prevalent in Oxford, and the numbers of people affected appear to be rising steadily.


But this is just half of the picture, because there’s also fresh, healthy food in Oxford going to waste every day. In Oxford we waste 11% of our food. Food is wasted throughout the entire food system: on farms, in the supply chain, in supermarkets, and in our households. Nationally, we squander over 12.5 million tonnes of food every year. Food Waste is an environmental problem, generating a considerable proportion of our greenhouse gas emissions, but it’s also a social problem, and one which seems unacceptable when people are going hungry in our communities.



Fortunately, there are many fantastic projects in Oxford working to tackle food poverty, and others working to redistribute food surpluses throughout the city. But while food poverty and food waste continue to exist in our city, there will always be more that can be done.


Feeding the Gaps is a community led initiative aiming to do the following:

  • Get a better understanding of the scale of food poverty and food waste in Oxford;
  • Identify anything that could be done to join up the dots between the services that already exist;
  • Highlight any needs which aren’t currently being met.

Between April and July, we will be talking to staff and volunteers working in the existing services and community groups, collecting their stories, and piecing together the big picture. At the end of the summer, we’ll feed back what we’ve discovered, and – all together – we’ll come up with a plan for what we want to see happen next.


To be a part of Feeding the Gaps or just to stay informed, get in touch with Doireann on or on 07507566137.

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