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Biodiversity, Community

Nature Recovery Network is designed as a network that connects individuals and groups at the local level, through a dedicated website (under construction) enabling them pool physical, financial and knowledge resources for nature recovery.

The Network will initiate and support projects which bring together local communities at the parish level to:

Generate community proposals for biodiversity gain

Implement these proposals over time

Facilitate community mapping of the biodiversity of the parish (water courses,hedgerows, veteran trees, woodland, species-rich verges)

Facilitate community surveys of the habitats (plus air pollution surveys) to assess their quality, and as a basis for follow up professional surveys. The surveys will ensure that there are measurable outcomes of the interventions.

Use the data gathered to create a baseline from which to set targets and monitor recovery of habitats and wildlife over time. Collate, store, analyse and disseminate data to create a local professional resource that can be used in discussion of development and planning (eg feeding into Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre) and for further research.

Location: EYNSHAM

Contact: Catriona Bass

Address: Horseshoe Island, Oxford Road, Swinford, Witney, OX29 4DU, United Kingdom

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