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Collaborate events are opportunities for Community Action Groups (CAGs) working on similar projects or across a common theme to meet up, share and find ways of working together.

The meetings are open to members of the CAG network, as well as other associated, like-minded groups and organisations. We also moderate themed mailing lists for CAGs to communicate with each other between meetings. We currently run collaborate groups for those interested in plastics, trees, waste, energy, climate action with children, growing, surplus food, biodiversity and rewilding, and Oxfordshire markets.

As a large network spread across the county, the meetings are an important chance for CAGs to:

  • Discover more about other groups’ activities and achievements

  • Share knowledge and skills

  • Explore opportunities for collaborative projects and funding bids

  • Gain advice and support from The CAG Oxfordshire staff and other members

  • Network and socialise with other members

If you are a member of a group wishing to take part in one of these meetings or wish to start a Collaborate Group on a new theme please get in touch with The CAG Oxfordshire staff team:

Currently all collaborate group meetings take place online.  Please let us know in advance if you have any accessibility requirements or if the meeting is in person and you aren’t sure how best to travel to the venue. Email us and we’ll do our very best to help.


The Trees Collaborate meets monthly to discuss a topic each time. It is coordinated along with Oxford Friends of the Earth and OxTrees. The meeting begins with a short presentation by a member of the group or a guest speaker followed by discussion and action planning. Topics range from working with developers, schools or the council; funding for tree and hedge planting, navigating new regulations and tree opportunity mapping. The overall strategy is to ‘plant the right trees in the right places’ and to double tree cover in the county by 2045. 


The Circular Economy Collaborate work together to help reduce waste across the county, share tips and skills on running repair cafes and swap shops and discuss funding opportunities, health and safety, PAT testing and more!


The Energy Collaborate sees groups from across the county discuss the complex issues of energy and climate action. The group is co-run with Low Carbon Hub and explores issues such as energy audits, retrofit grants and advice, influencing planning and infrastructure, renewable for businesses and communities, and localised energy grids.


The Schools/Kids Climate Action Network Collaborate aims to bring together all parties interested in the debate on how best to talk to children, parents and schools about climate action and involve them in a meaningful way. Please contact for more info. 


The Growing Collaborate is made up of groups from within the CAG network and beyond with an interest in growing of all sorts from fruit and vegetables to community gardens and food distribution. Join us to help develop the network, share skills and information and build a thriving, sustainable food community across Oxfordshire.


The Food Surplus Collaborate is made up of community larders and fridges, mutual aid groups, groups supporting people to avoid food waste at home and those interested in addressing the problem of food surplus in our communities. Join us to help develop the network, share skills and information and build a thriving, sustainable food community across Oxfordshire.


The Nature's recovery Group brings together groups and individuals to discuss how to preserve natural habitats, increase biodiversity and promote rewilding. Guest speakers will present their projects and there will be opportunities for discussion, sharing of ideas and practical tips, for example, how to create and manage a wildflower meadow. 


The Oxfordshire Markets Group is a collaboration with Good Food Oxfordshire, providing a network for community-run, farmers' and other markets from across Oxfordshire.

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