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Joining the Community Action Groups Oxfordshire Network

We’re building an Oxfordshire with resilient and empowered communities, working together so that people and planet can thrive within ecological limits.

Member Benefits A


Becoming a member of the CAG Oxfordshire network gives you access to free, day-to-day support including:

  • Advice, expertise and mentoring to set up and maintain groups and develop projects, events and activities.

  • We can assist with finding suitable insurance cover and offer financial support to cover insurance costs for low income groups.

  • Access to CAG funding for special projects and support sourcing external funds for larger projects.

  • Press, media and communications coordination via our communication channels including The Key newsletterFacebook, Instagram and Linked in

  • Training, skill sharing and networking events and opportunities.

  • Access to a large bank of materials and resources.

  • Signposting to other organisations and bodies for advice and partnership building.

  • Facilitating work with local and national government.


To be eligible for membership, your organisation should:

Support the CAG Oxfordshire Network’s vision and values.

  • Be based in Oxfordshire

  • Be community-led and non-profit. 

  • Be open for anyone. 

  • Be focused on activities which create practical social and environmental change.

  • Be three members or more.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a member of the network take a look at our Becoming a CAG Oxfordshire member guide for full details of member benefits, eligibility criteria and contributions. 

For further information please contact our network support coordinators:

Anaïs Bozetine or Jo Milton 

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