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How can you get involved with making a difference in your community and beyond?


We know there’s no one size fits all, and we’d like to help you find the ways to get involved with community action that works best for you. 


Volunteer with a group

If you’d like to volunteer with a group, the first step is to look at the groups in the Community Action Group Network to find one near you, or that inspires you to get involved. You can contact groups directly via their pages on our website, and also find links to their social media.

Start a group

We can also support you to start a group if there’s not a group in your area focused on the issue you’re passionate about. Take a look at our Resources page to find out more. You’ll find details on Member Benefits here if you have a group and think you might like to join the CAG Network, and information on how to Register a Group here.


Other local volunteering opportunities

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