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The Oxfordshire Nature Project (formerly The Oxfordshire Treescapes project) has partnered with CAG Oxfordshire to continue its work with parishes and communities to help develop plans for nature recovery.

On this page,  you will find information about how we can help you with your local plans for nature recovery. 

What Nature Recovery Means, and Why It Matters

Nature (all living things, interacting with each other and the land) is vital for all aspects of our survival, prosperity, health and wellbeing. This includes the security of our food, water, economy, and resilience against global impacts such as weather extremes and climate change.


In ‘industrial UK’, we busily degraded our natural systems over centuries, and especially the last 70 years. Now England is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. Yet there is hope as we awaken to the impacts of this loss of biodiversity and realise the  urgent and imperative need to allow our natural systems to recover.

Lawton Review Image_edited.jpg

Supporting groups with their nature recovery actions allows us to:

  • recognise and protect our local ‘Nature Treasures’

  • supply what ecosystems need to thrive

  • connect corridors of resilience and growth


The UK has national and international targets to protect 30% of land and sea by 2030, and to halt species decline, with a 10% increase in species abundance by 2042. This is a huge challenge, in which every local community will need to play its part – but it also comes with huge opportunities.

The Lawton Review (2010) taught us our nature areas must be: More, Bigger, Better, and Joined Up

Supporting parishes and groups is one of the most effective ways to promote stronger nature recovery work across our County. In the process it will provide great benefits to community life and relationships, social, mental and physical well-being, and local economies.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of ecologists, project managers, community advocates, and nature recovery enthusiasts  working to equip and support parish and community groups with effective nature recovery planning and action. We understand how local communities work, and can help you access the resources you need to plan and develop nature recovery projects. We’re working with key Oxfordshire stakeholders including local authorities, universities, and nature groups  on an integrated strategy. Our partners and stakeholders include:

National Bodies

Natural England


Regional Bodies

County and District Councils

Local Nature Partnerships


Health and social services


Enterprise and Funding Support

Network and Group support

Academic and Research





Local Industry  


How Can We Help You?

To date, we have produced around 100 parish reports or maps, covering about 30% of Oxfordshire’s parishes. We have developed some great tools and resources particularly in mapping and planning, as well as offering friendly personal support to bring these alive and to help more people get going in this vital work.


We have expertise and resources to reach people and groups including: 

  • promotional activities for awareness and envisioning; 

  • ‘hand-holding’ and sign-posting to relevant help as people take their first steps; 

  • personal mentoring and troubleshooting; 

  • facilitating peer learning and support through our Collaborate groups and other events; 

  • helping evolve integrated strategy and advocacy through liaison with other key Oxfordshire stakeholders. 


Have a look below through our bank of online resources and get in touch if you want to chat more. 


Screenshot 2023-07-28 141914.png

These maps present opportunities to address the climate and nature crises in Oxfordshire by changing the way we manage our land. They show where hedgerows, woodlands, species-rich grasslands and tree-friendly, agroforestry farming systems might be introduced into Oxfordshire. 



This guide offers a summary explanation of the treescapes included in the maps and the benefits they bring, together with some case studies of famers and landowners who have put them into action and further resources. It also includes a brief explanation of the mapping rules we have adopted.



This report sets out the land use changes needed between now and 2050 to achieve the Net Zero targets set by the Climate Change Committee. It also shows that by siting the right nature recovery strategy in the right place for the right reason, we can at the same time achieve a whole host of other benefits.



Scroll through for a selection of case studies. Find out how farmers are changing their practices to incorporate hedgerows, how a community created an orchard and how tree cover in urban areas is on the up.  


contact us

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with your nature recovery work please email:

Trees and Nature Recovery Collaborate Groups 

If you would like to join our Trees and/or Nature Recovery Collaborate groups to meet with peers from other Community Action Groups and those involved in nature recovery accross Oxfordshire, email: to be added to  the mailing list. There is also a Facebook Page you can follow. You can find out more about our collaborate groups here

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Read stories from our work over the last few years, Check out our Case Studies as well for detailed stories on naturescapes and the people behind them. 

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