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Community, Food, Waste, Education

Cherwell Larder
Cherwell Larder is a weekly food marketplace, redistributing food surplus on a pay-what-you-can system, Helping to combat food insecurity and reduce food waste.

Climatarian Kitchen
Climatarian Kitchen provides cooked meals at our weekly cafe. A suggested donation for each dish corresponds to the food's carbon footprint. We cook using ONLY surplus food, raise awareness of the carbon cost of food, promote seasonal food supply chains and reduce food waste.

Harvest at Home
Harvest @ Home works towards similar goals of food security by teaching self- sufficiency through gardening at home! We provide kits and give in-person and online guidance to make growing food easy and fun.

Waste Innovation Station
Waste Innovation Station (WISH) provides free tutorials and workshops showing how to repurpose common household waste items, lowering consumption and promoting innovation.

Oxford Party Library
Oxford Party Library is a public resource lending common party supplies to the community, drastically reducing waste and promoting access to childhood fun for all income levels.


Contact: Emily

Address: Kidlington

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