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Biodiversity, Carbon Reduction, Community, Energy, Transport

LEAF are the Local Environmental Action Florence park.

Our current projects include:

Saving energy and saving money while reducing our impact on the climate – thermal imaging and insulation
Campaign against air pollution
Wild flower & bee friendly planting projects.
Swift Florence Park – campaign action to help reverse the decline in swifts by education, monitoring and putting up nest boxes. We are encouraging local residents to support the swifts which are now on the amber list. This includes increased wildflower planting; adding nesting boxes to the best potential sites; and contributing to surveys by gathering data on swifts in the area.
We are open to more ideas!

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 7-9pm. Please email LEAF for the meeting venue ( We are a friendly local group and welcome everyone.

We also run an informal knit and natter meeting occasionally to discuss ideas.

Location: OXFORD

Contact: TBC

Address: Florence Park, Oxford, OX43NR, United Kingdom

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