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Carbon Reduction, Energy, Waste

LCEO are a local community group running initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of East Oxford.

Recent projects have included:

LESS– the Landlord Energy Efficiency Scheme (LESS) was a big initiative to save tonnes of CO2 per annum by improving the energy efficiency of the many private rented homes in East Oxford. We won £38,000 funding from Department of Energy and Climate Change with our application and LESS Business Plan. We trained 23 people as energy assessors and performed 200 surveys on properties across East Oxford. We have provided energy advice to 50 of these properties and transforming one property into a Jubilee Superhome that will have external solid wall insulation to significantly increase its energy efficiency and become a showcase for the surrounding area.
Won a national competition for the installation of a solar PV installation from Joju Solar.
Community information sharing initiatives (including community meetings about food and local business, stalls and via our Twitter page) to raise awareness of the issues and provide solutions.
Facilitated 7 solar PV installations in East Oxford.
Giveaway Day where households gave away unwanted items to others.

Location: OXFORD

Contact: Robin Morris

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