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Community, Waste, Clothing

Welcome to the oxford clothes hub. A preloved affordable clothing initiative in oxford. We provide a affordable clothing pop up shops in local communities. We understand the growing financial pressures everyday essentials like clothing have become for a large part of our community along with the environmental effects that fast fashion and excess clothing is having on our wider world. We started oxford clothing hub in October 2022 to help address these problems. The project grew quickly and we became a CIC in June 2023 in order to aid our growth. We are currently making efforts to bring our pop ups to two new areas of Oxford with plans to expand into a further two areas by the end of 2024. We engage with the community through our pop ups and through donations to source our clothing. Many of our customers become donors. It is through the community's generosity that we are able to provide our pop ups and it is how we can offer the clothing at such low costs. Our biggest bundles are £4 for 7 items of clothing which can include coats and shoes. Our aim for this year is to expand into new areas and focus on increasing usage for each pop up.


Jade Barrett

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