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Waste, Community

Oxford IT Bank takes unwanted IT (laptops, desktops, tablets, phones etc), refurbishes it and passes it on to local charities who work with vulnerable people to help reduce the digital divide in Oxfordshire and
further afield.

We get the "technical layer" right, ensuring data security and electrical safety, as well as
making sure we get the most out of every machine donated. The demand from charities across the
county and country has been fantastic, with donors needing to have confidence in this service before
they're willing to offer equipment. We're hoping we can grow to be a model for IT Banks across the

Whether you want to donate some money or a device, volunteer your time to help with repairs or
deliveries, or let us know of organisations who would benefit from these devices, we would be delighted
to hear from you.

Location: OXFORD

Contact: Ben Tuppen

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