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Community, Energy, Transport, Housing and Planning

OCLT exists to promote and build permanently affordable housing using the land trust model. Rising land costs are what is making housing increasingly unaffordable. If the land cost can somehow be removed then the homes can be rented or owned at affordable prices.

OCLT has recently joined forces with three other community-led housing groups including Oxford Cohousing, Kindling Coop and Happy House Coop to form Homes for Oxford. HfO is focused on securing the few remaining sites in the city in order to build permanently affordable homes.

HfO has recently put in a radical and exciting bid for the Wolvercote Paper Mill site where over half the homes would be permanently affordable. Under the strapline ‘Fair City: permanently affordable homes on the Wolvercote Paper Mill Site’ HfO is focused on developing a genuinely mixed and affordable community of homes with strong links to the village and city beyond.

We need to build up a sector of genuinely affordable homes in order to ensure our city remains diverse and not just create yet more unaffordable (and often second) homes.

Location: OXFORD

Contact: TBC

Address: Henley Avenue, Oxford, Ox4 4DJ, United Kingdom

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