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Carbon Reduction, Community, Transport, Waste

We are a community group of people who want to prevent waste, borrow instead of buying, save money, learn new skills and make new friends! In SHARE Oxford we are passionate about reducing waste and excess consumption through facilitating and encouraging sharing in the community. On the practical level this means:

+ Having and loaning out useful items (‘Things’) at affordable rates, thereby helping people to buy less, store less, have access to more, and waste less. We launched our Library of Things in Feb 2019, enabling you to borrow instead of buy items needed only occasionally, such as outdoor, domestic, cooking equipment and more.; and

+ Running regular Repair Cafés, where our volunteers fix your broken items to keep them in use for longer. Repair Cafés encourage and enable people to extend the working life of objects they own and use.

Location: OXFORD

Contact: Maurice Herson

Address: Makespace Oxford, 1 Aristotle Lane, Oxford, OX2 6TP, United Kingdom

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