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Biodiversity, Carbon Reduction, Community, Energy, Food, Food Waste, Transport, Waste

Sustainable Bartons is a group of individuals who are Interested in the environment and sustainability issues, mainly locally but also globally, and keen to do something. We want to help our children to grow up to know nature and in a hospitable world. We are keen to get re-informed, invigorated and involved with local community environmental and sustainability projects.

We organise initiatives, activities and events that improve our local (or global) environment, raise awareness or reduce our environmental footprint. We work with fellow villagers, businesses, institutions, clubs or groups to achieve the organisations aims. We work to support each other in the group to increase our understanding of the issues, engage local decision making bodies/representatives (e.g. parish, district, county councils, MP), and support each other in reducing our own environmental footprints.

Members are from the community and meetings are open to all.

Location: BARTONS

Contact: TBC

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