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Energy, Food, Waste

Sustainable Wheatley has about 12 people, and aims to promote sustainable living through waste reduction, re-use, recycling and use of resources. We meet about very two months or as required, which ensures our projects run as smoothly as possible

Swap Shops
We run 4 Swap Shops a year in the Merry Bells Hall. The aim is to reduce material going into land fill by reusing unwanted items. There is no direct “swap”, and no money changes hands. We PAT test electrical equipment. On average 140 people attend each time and in the last year they took away over 2.5 tonnes of “stuff” saved from landfill

Recycling Information
We maintain a fact sheet listing where to take unwanted items for reuse or recycling locally. It is available at the Swap Shop or can be downloaded from our website

Village Fruit Harvesting
In 2015 we appealed for anyone unable to pick their fruit to let us know and we harvested it. We picked 350 kg of eating/cooking apples, pears and quinces, which we gave away at 2 local shops, gave some to local schools, nursing home and WI, and also turned it into over 80 litres of Wheatley Apple Juice. We plan to do this again in 2016.

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Location: WHEATLEY

Contact: TBC

Address: Wheatley, OX33, United Kingdom

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