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Biodiversity, Community, Energy, Waste

Sustainable Woodstock is a campaigning group promoting Climate Change action, ecology and woodland management, waste reduction and recycling and renewable energy generation.

Since it was formed in 2009, we have delivered the following activities:

+ Marketed our unique and popular Sustainable Woodstock jute and canvas bags. With a grant from Oxfordshire County Council we have campaigned to make Woodstock a “Plastic Bag Free Town”.

+ Created the first Woodstock Community Woodland. With an 80 year free-of-charge lease from His Grace the Duke of Marlborough, we have planted 1600 trees just north of the town. The new woodland is free to visit and will become a haven for wildlife and a resource for coppiced timber for firewood and country crafts, as well as being used by the primary school.

+ Conducted Thermal Imaging Surveys for Woodstock households to help them identify where better insulation, draught proofing and other energy conservation measures will reduce their fuel bills and make homes more comfortable.

+ Held regular “Swap Shops” to encourage reductions in landfill waste through the principles of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.

+ Campaigned for more robust international action by governments to reduce greenhouse gases and promoted the issues of climate change through talks, lectures and film presentations such as the iconic “Age of Stupid”.

We have established a “group buying scheme” with Sustainable Kirtlington, Kidlington Against Climate Change” and Low Carbon Oxford North” to promote the installation of photo-voltaic energy panels through an approved installer.


Contact: Colin Carritt

Address: Woodstock Town Hall, Market Square, Woodstock, OX20 1SL, United Kingdom

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