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Biodiversity, Community, Food

The Stonehill Community Garden welcomes people from all walks of life to get involved. We are currently in very early stages of getting set up and are working on a medium sized plot of land that will be transformed into a vegetable growing patch.

This is an opportunity for groups or individuals to get involved and learn about:

+ Growing food
+ Healthy eating
+ Foraging
+ Building
+ Community cooking
+ Nature identification and care
+ Working together

Our aim is to bring people closer to nature and to share the joys of being outside and gardening together. We hope it will be a place that will be beneficial to all people including those from disadvantaged and/or vulnerable backgrounds.

In the future, we hope to create:

+ A nature walk through the woodland
+ A Forest Garden
+ A peaceful meditation space
+ Workshop spaces, e.g. for tool maintenance, bicycle repair, woodwork, metal work, fruit and vegetable preservation and nature crafts.

Location: ABINGDON

Contact: TBC

Address: Stonehill Community Gardens, Oday Hill, Abingdon, OX14 4AA, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

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