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Art Can Save The World: Introducing Green Arts Oxfordshire Network

Updated: May 10, 2022

Green Arts Oxfordshire Network (GAON) was set up in January 2021 to unite Oxfordshire's artists and cultural organisations in their work to tackle the climate & ecological emergency.

GAON began as a small seed of an idea, planted by the Tandem Collective Community Action Group in 2019. The network has since grown with the support of Fusion Arts and other Oxfordshire artists and cultural organisations.

The network facilitates conversations and connections between Oxford's creative community, and signposts to information, suppliers and organisations that can help to reduce the environmental impact of arts programming and practices.

Marmalde Event

In April GAON hosted a day to kick off Marmalade at the Old Fire Station, bringing together Oxfordshire’s cultural organisations, artists and anybody wanting to respond creatively to the climate crisis. In a session called ‘Art Can Save The World’, participants collectively reimagined how we produce creative projects in response to the climate and ecological crisis. Together, they explored how to move from anxiety and denial to optimism and activism.

During the session, participants imagined creative projects that respond to categories of

the Green Arts Charter, a 10 point pledge and guide on how to collectively work towards

climate justice and a zero-carbon future.

Activist, designer and artist Siân Klein hosted a banner making workshop during the

session using recycled plastic bags that participants had been asked to bring with them

beforehand. The banners are a creative response to words and phrases from the conversations that took place, and can be viewed until the end of April in a pop-up exhibition in the Fusion Arts window galleries on Friars Entry in Oxford, OX1 2BZ.

Fusion Arts window galleries on Friars Entry in Oxford, OX1 2BZ up until end of April.

'Art Can Save The World' was a great example of community sharing to reduce carbon emissions produced as a result of events. The heat press used was borrowed from a member of the Oxford community, using Pedal and Post to deliver it from Littlemore to the Old Fire Station with zero-emissions. The heat proof gloves were borrowed from Flo’s The Place in the Park, delivered by foot.

Ways to get involved in the Green Arts Oxfordshire Network

Join the creative climate conversation by signing the Charter, joining the GAON members database and coming along to their monthly Green Arts Action group meetings...

Tuesday 17th May, 12pm - 1pm

Join Green Arts Oxfordshire Network to explore how we can collaborate on creative projects for Great Big Green Week this September.


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