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Bridge Street Community Garden Playbook

Wow! Huge thanks to Tila Rodriguez-Past who has created just the most amazing and inspiring guide based on her experience of setting up the Bridge Street Community Garden in Banbury.




Welcome to our Community Garden Playbook. For the past three years, I have been the Garden Officer for Bridge Street Community Garden, a food forest in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Though I am putting this content down on paper, I do not see myself as an expert but rather someone who felt inspired to help make something happen in my community. This book is an assemblage of the collective effort of dozens of people who visit and volunteer at the Garden.

This playbook is perfect for anyone drawn to the idea of community gardening. Whether you are an individual or part of a group, if you’re looking to make a positive impact through gardening, this book is for you.

The content of this book offers numerous ways to kickstart your gardening journey. It is organised into flexible sections, accessible according to your interests and needs.

You may be inspired to take part in some of our creative nature activities with friends in your garden or with students in a local park.

It might spark your imagination to begin designing your community garden or to plant some easy-to-grow vegetables in a window box .

If you’re already active in a communal green space, this playbook could encourage you to connect with new communities.

Alternatively, it might even prompt you to strike up a conversation with a stranger on a train about the benefits of greening urban environments.


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