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Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Each year we collect data from around our network of community action groups to get an idea of our collective impact. Each year, we are blown away by the numbers and this year is no exception!

This year, groups reported engaging more than 84,000 people in activities, events, and outreach – nearly 12% of the County’s population. Volunteers contributed more than 96,000 hours worth of time, a 47% increase over last year, to initiatives such as repair cafes, tree plantings, draughtbusting, community markets, bike repair training, growing food, ensuring food is not wasted, but rather redistributed, and so so much more....

We encourage you to soak in the amazing contributions happening across Oxfordshire as you make your way through this report – to feel inspired and hopeful. And if you’re one of the 40,000 volunteers who made it happen, to take a moment to reflect on, and take pride in, your work. Thank you!



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