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Could you be our next Board Member?

After three years as our chair Jamie Hartzell is standing down and we are now looking for new Board members to bring fresh energy, skills and experience to our Board of Directors.


  • Are you passionate about climate justice?

  • Do you enjoy meeting new people who bring news ideas and enjoy working together?

  • Does contributing to conversations about the future Oxfordshire you/we want to see excite you?

  • Do you want to flex your brain muscles and learn new skills through Board experience?

If so, read on to hear from Jamie about his time as Chair and then download our Board Recrutiment Pack.

Jamie Talks about his time at CAG Oxfordshire

After three highly enjoyable years as Chair of CAG Oxfordshire I have decided to step down

and make way for someone else to take my place. So if you are interested in taking in the role, perhaps co-chairing with an existing board member, do get in touch!

As Chair, I have been excited to see close up how CAG Oxfordshire has gone from strength to strength. Alongside continuing its support to local community groups working on waste and climate change, a highlight has been CAG securing funding for the Owned by Oxford project, which is looking to bring wealth and power back home to local people and communities, and introduces a strong social justice element to the existing environmental agenda.

CAG has also strengthened its relationship with the County Council and is now in a securer long term funding position.

One key challenge for the Chair was to oversee the transition from our previous Director

Henry Owen to Katherine Chesson, who joined us in January 2022. Back in 2019, Henry led

the process of setting up CAG as an organisation in its own right rather than being a project

of Resource Futures, as it had been since it was first founded in 2001. Henry held huge

knowledge of how the governance of the CAG had been set up, and it fell to the Chair to

lead the board in ensuring this knowledge became embedded within the organisation. For a

short while, this took extra time and energy from me, but one year on Katherine now has

matters firmly under control.

But overall, the most enjoyable element has been the people involved – spending time with

other members of the Board and meeting the people running the CAG member groups

around the county. The challenges modern society faces are now so pressing, it has been

unbelievably heartening to work alongside so many people who are passionate about

creating the kind of society we so urgently need.

So do consider standing to be a board member. All the details are here:

We are looking for Board members to fill the Co-Chair Position and the Treasurer position. Please also consider applying if you fancy just being a general Board member.


Established over the last three years, we are looking to bring in new people with skills and experience that complement those of our existing board members.

  • Lived experience within communities most impacted by climate injustice

  • Strong analysis of the issues around climate injustice

  • HR, management experience, and employment law

  • Accounting or financial management experience

  • Business development and business planning (ideally in social enterprise/community business

  • Individuals that are well networked with strategic partners/funders/institutions locally and beyond

There's lots of information in our Recruitment pack about the time commitment and skills we are looking for and also the benefits to being on our Board. If you would prefer the pack in a different format or just want to have a chat about it, please give us a call on 07367 877 727 or drop an email to


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