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Eco-Homes Oxford: Get involved with Green Open Homes Week 2022!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Eco-Homes Oxford is an exciting new project being delivered by Low Carbon Oxford North and Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon, supported by Oxford City Council, the Low Carbon Hub and Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford. The project aims to showcase innovative ways to eco-renovate homes and improve energy efficiency, reducing both carbon emissions and living costs.

Make sure to get the following dates in your diary:

Green Open Homes Week, 18 - 29 June 2022:

Residents who have undertaken eco-renovation measures both large and small will open their homes (in person or virtually) and demonstrate the works they have done, explaining the practical advantages and pitfalls..

Eco-Renovation Fair, Sunday 26 June 2022, Oxford Town Hall

The fair will showcase examples of energy efficiency options and renewable energy generation. The fair will inform, inspire and provide enabling advice for homeowners and landlords interested in taking action to upgrade their properties to improve energy efficiency and phase out fossil fuels. It will also offer advice for tenants who wish to reduce their fuel bills and encourage their landlords to make their homes more energy efficient.

Participate in a short film

Eco-Homes Oxford are planning to make five short films on structural and low-cost ways that Oxford residents save energy. If you've made changes in your home and would be happy to demonstrate them as part of a short filmed interview, Eco-Homes Oxford would love to hear from you! Please copy the list below and tick all of the following changes that you've made, then email the ticked list to Eleanor: and Chris: The deadline is 8th May.

1. Insulation

  • Internal wall insulation

  • External wall insulation

  • Cavity wall insulation

  • Loft Insulation (specify with or without raised floor)

  • Floor insulation (specify with or without robot)

  • Additional ventilation

2. Air source heat pump and radiators

  • Air source heat pump (specify type and size)

  • New radiators (specify size)

  • New radiator controls

3. Solar panels and batteries

  • Solar panels (specify tiles or panels)

  • Battery storage (specify size and type)

  • Electric vehicle storage

  • Solar PV connected to hot-water tank

4. Low cost measures below £100

  • Insulated loft hatch

  • DIY loft insulation

  • Foil behind radiators on external walls

  • Pipe lagging

  • Letter box brushes

  • Film on windows

  • Chimney balloons

  • Draft excluders

  • Thick curtains

5. Windows

  • Double glazing (specify wood or UPVC)

  • Triple glazing (specify wood or UPVC)

  • Aluminium coating

Other measures (please specify)


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