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Oxfordshire Great Big Green Week: Small Grants programme

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Oxfordshire County Council has launched it's Climate Action Oxfordshire website and is supporting Community Groups around the county to put on events for Great Big Green Week.

The Oxfordshire Great Big Green Week small grants programme supports community groups to organise local events, activities and festivals during the Great Big Green Week 2022. These should engage the local community and celebrate action and progress being made on climate change.

We want to support activities and events that empower local groups to create new connections and raise awareness in order to support new people, local businesses and organisations to take climate action.

Types of Grants

A limted number of grants of £200 are available

Your event or activity:

What we can fund:

  • Equipment

  • One-off events

  • Staff costs (if directly supporting your Great Big Green Week Activity)

  • Transport

  • Utilities

  • Volunteer expenses

  • Publicity e.g flyers, social media advertising

What we cannot fund:

  • Political organisations or events

  • Profit-making or fundraising activities

  • Contingency costs, loans, endowments or interest

  • VAT you can reclaim

  • Overseas travel or projects that take place outside of the UK

  • Small land or refurbishment projects

  • Training costs


The deadline for grant applications is Thursday 8th September. Successful applicants will be notified by 13th September and grants will be paid into your organisation's bank account as soon as possible following confirmation.

Who can apply:

  • Voluntary and community organisation

  • Constituted group or club

  • Registered charity

  • Charitable incorporated organisation (CIO)

  • Not-for-profit company

  • Community interest company (CIC)

  • School (as long as your project benefits and involves the communities around the school & you have a safeguarding policy)

  • Community benefit society

We cannot accept applications from:

  • Individuals

  • Sole traders

  • Organisations based outside the UK

  • Companies that can pay profits to directors, shareholders or members (including Companies Limited by Shares)

  • Political organisations

How to apply

Please complete the short application form here and send to by 5pm on Thursday 8th September.


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