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Save the Surplus: Community Action against Food Waste

​Listen to the third episode in our podcast series produced by Dr Caroline Wood all about how Oxfordshire Communtiy Action Groups are working to tackle to problem of food waste.

One third of all food produced globally for human consumption is wasted according to the Food and Agriculture Organization. This is at every level of the food chain, from farm to supermarket, right up to our own kitchens.

As well as the waste, food in landfill contributes to climate change because it emits methane into the atmosphere.

In this episode, Caroline meets three projects around Oxfordshire that are turning this problem into an opportunity: Cherwell Collective's Community Larder in partnership with Oxford Food Hub, The Down to Earth Community Cafe, using surplus food to teach cooking and an oportunity to share food and finally The Replenish Oxfordshire project and Restore, the mental health charity talk about the joys of composting.

Photos from Cherwell Community Larder, Down to Earth Community Cafe and The Replenish Oxfordshire Project.

Other Episodes

There are two further podcast eposodes in our Stories of Community Action Series. Caroline meets Barracks Lane Community Garden, Who turned a disused carpark into a thricing community growing and event space. She also met with Share Oxford, who run the Library of Things and Repair Cafe's, working on the circular economy, focusing on sharing and repairing items over buying new.


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