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An ‘escape room’ to fight food waste


About the project:

A team of volunteers are in the process of designing an escape room that will help people to reduce their food waste. An escape room is a game in which players are locked in a room. Their only goal is to escape the room before time runs out, and in order to do this, they must work together to solve a series of puzzles and challenges! These games can be used for educational purposes, to raise awareness around serious issues in an engaging and memorable way. Our game will encourage people to reflect on food waste and the actions they can take to reduce the waste they produce.

The project so far:

A group of volunteers are in the early stages of designing the game alongside experienced escape room designer, Laure Duchamp. The whole design process will take between 4-6 months, and will include designing challenges, creating the physical structure and testing the game on willing participants! Those interested in helping to design the game should contact the Replenish Project Coordinator at

About Laure Duchamp:

Helping volunteers to design the game is Laure Duchamp, an experienced escape room designer who specialises in games that have an educational purpose, also known as Serious Escape Games (SEG). Former student in Linguistics, Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Science, her passion has always been to transmit knowledge. She is convinced that people learn better when they are active and their emotions are solicited, and that games are a powerful tool for raising awareness of issues. Earlier this year she designed a SEG focussing on scientific discoveries that contributed to the development of cinema, which is being used as an educational tool in secondary schools and will soon go on tour throughout France. Previously, she led a team in designing a game on creativity and decision making that won the 2017 Serious Escape Game Award for Educational Innovation.


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