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How do we Build Back Better?

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In this series of new and collated blog posts we look at how Oxfordshire would benefit from a greener, fairer future.

Building back a better food system

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Putting nature at the heart of our planning systems

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Working together for nature’s recovery

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Better local politics

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One Planet Living: helping us to Build Back Better

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Nicole Lazarus, Head of One Planet Living at Bioregional, tells us how she hopes the framework will help Oxfordshire towards a cleaner, greener recovery. Bioregional have always believed that deep, transformative change is possible, and their One Planet Living framework provides a straightforward path for individuals, communities, schools, businesses and more the world over. Its ten simple principles are backed by science and many years of hands-on experience. This framework is highly flexible and already helping organisations around the world to achieve their vision of a brighter, better future. Read more here

Five ideas to tackle housing need in Oxford 


What we can learn from our food practice during Covid

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Low Traffic Neighborhoods are really simple


Cyclox campaign to put cycling at the heart of Oxford’s future and write a weekly column, On yer Bike, for the Oxford Mail. In this edition, Danny Yee explains in simple terms what a Low Traffic Neighbourhood is, how they work and how they benefit the communities and businesses in each area. They reflect new planning styles but can be retrofitted to older residential areas to improve conditions for all. International evidence has demonstrated their success, why can’t this be replicated in Oxford? Read more here.

Re-imagining Oxford


Coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel (CoHSAT) held a pop-up exhibition in central Oxford to share ideas for a reimagined city with a better public realm, more cycling provision and more pedestrianisation. With the help of several of our network members, they have come up with an ambitious approach to tackling congestion and improving public transport. Although the physical exhibition has now closed, the ideas can all be explored on their website here. If you missed the exhibition, you can also have your say in their online survey.

Planning reforms: what do they mean for Oxfordshire?


What are liveable neighbourhoods?

ox liv streets

Oxfordshire Liveable Streets take a look at liveable neighbourhoods, explains what they are and offers inspiration from Waltham Forest where the concept is thriving. So how can you start the process of setting one up? This article takes a look at just that: what the costings might be, what design features you might want to consider and how changes might affect traffic and street use as well as how to inform local people in a way that results in positive consultations. Read more here.

Some thought on buses and bicycles in Oxford

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