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The Refill Revolution is here!

Its been a busy few weeks for those of us excited about reducing plastic waste and supporting a culture of reuse. Last Tuesday Waitrose unveiled its first ‘unpacked range’ in our local Botley store, with a wide range of plastic free products, including; fruit and vegetables, grains, washing up liquid, wine and beer. When one of our team went to chat to the staff at the store, they were told that part of the choice had been mounting pressure and requests from local residents – so well done to all those involved with that. Then on Saturday, Florence park saw the launch of its first Refill Shop at Flo’s the Place in the Park – a pop up shop that will enable residents in East Oxford to buy package free items. Finally this week, Refill Oxford launched its plans to raise funds to install new water fountains in the city centre to continue its mission to reduce the use of plastic bottles, by making it easier for people to Refill their reusable bottles across the city.  Well done to all the community action groups involved in making this Refill Revolution happen, its been a collective, team effort!

Find out more and get involved with one of your local plastic free initiatives here:

Refill Oxford:

SESI Refill:

Flos: The Place in the Park:


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