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We’re growing!

There’s been a rise in climate activism and people wanting to take action to make our lives more sustainable since the recent declarations of climate emergency across the country. That means we have had lots of new groups wanting to set up and join our network, with 10 new groups in the pipeline, its an exciting time for the CAG Network, and soon we will have over 70 groups!

This month we would like to welcome 4 of our newest members:

  1. Witney Land Army – bringing Witney residents together to improve their environment and build community resilience.

  2. Kidlington Abundance – discovering fruit trees around Kidlington and turning unused fruit into something good. Follow on Facebook here.

  3. Food for Charities –  who pick up surplus food from supermarkets, wholesalers and individuals, and deliver it to charities. Website here.

  4. Hendreds Environment Group – working in Hendreds and surrounding villages to protect their local and global environment. Follow on Facebook here.

A warm welcome to our new groups – we look forward to making change happen with you! Please follow them on social media, and feel free to get in touch and send them a personal welcome yourselves by following the hyperlinks.


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